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Perfume Tips: Advice before and after applying perfume:

Since perfumes contain a percentage of oil in them always try to use your perfume when your skin is dry, this will moisturize your skin and make the perfume last longer.

During winter the cold temperature will minimize the sharpness of the fragrance, so always Use stronger (more concentrated) perfumes, to make the highest molecular weight from the ingredients surface creating an unforgettable aroma.

Take your time and think hard when deciding to move from your current fragrance to another and when you’re sampling fragrances, don’t sample too much at one time. Your olfactory receptors can become congested after a few new sensations, making it difficult to accurately assess more than 3 or 4 scents at a time.

Always shop for fragrances in the evening when your smelling senses are stronger and sharper, spray it on your wrist and allow your skin to warm the perfume, and inhale. Your personal body oils will interact uniquely with perfumes so it will not smell the same on every person.

 Always test the perfume on your skin before purchasing it, to make sure that it is suitable for your skin and that it does not cause an allergic reaction towards your skin.

Use the fragrance closer to your personality whether it's rosy, musky, oriental, ect.

To make your perfume last longer, Apply perfume right after you shower. Your pores will be open and your skin will be warm, the perfect combination to soak up the scent.


Advice on making your perfume last longer:

Spray your perfume on your clothing before wearing them; this makes the scent cling into the clothing.

When spraying your perfume do it with a distance of approximately ten centimeters.

Spray your perfume every 4 or 6 hours.


Advice for Men: tips on how to choose your perfume

When buying or choosing the right perfume always spray it on your skin and leave it for 10 minutes before deciding, it will give you the right smell after it reacts with your skin never buy a perfume by just smelling it from the bottle.

When deciding on the right scent always spray the perfume on your pulse points .

While buying new perfumes limit yourself to three or four perfumes, as your nose will not be able to differentiate between the perfumes if you try too many.

Always remember a perfume will smell different on different people because it will react differently to each person's body, so if your friend smells really good that does not mean his perfume will have the same affect on you.

It is preferable for guys with dry skin to use stronger more concentrated perfumes, and for guys with oily skin to use lighter less concentrated perfumes, because the dry skin will absorb all the oils in the perfume making it last less longer than it should in contrast oily skin makes the perfume last longer .

In the winter you should always use stronger more concentrated perfumes, to make the highest molecular weight from the ingredients surface creating an unforgettable and warm aroma around you. But in the summer try to use more lighter flowery or fruity perfumes to give out a feeling of freshness.

Use a different perfume for the morning something light and fresh and a different one for the night something strong and sharp.

Do not force yourself on buying any perfume if you believe that it does not match your taste or personality just keep looking you will eventually find it.

Do not expose your perfume to extreme temperature and sunlight. After the perfume bottle is opened the perfume will change and exposure to sunlight will disturb the delicate smell of the perfume. Store it in a cool dark place to keep the fragrance intact. and do not keep it for more than 3 years.



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